Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas knitting

Ok, I've neglected my blog again. Christmas is less than two weeks away and I am slowly finishing gifts. I just noticed I am missing one dish towel. I don't know if I'll have time to knit another one. Done so far: Jenny's gift (and mailed) Henry's gift (needs a button) Dad's gift To finish: Scott's Cherie's Leah's Eric's Bob & Jill's Aly's Aly will probably be getting a spa set like I did for Jen. Her sweater will be her birthday present. I need to order more yarn. It will be Sao pretty. I hated the color way when I first started knitting it up. But thanks to some input at a VKN I started to like it again. I also need to get started on Will and Matthew's gifts for next year. I have some yarn to start one of their sweaters but we'll see how it goes. Won't be buying yarn til May anyway. I will be getting yarn for Jen's sweater then too.

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