Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Baby Durre's gift box and Valentine's day

OMG, I am having a field day with knitting for Marlena and her baby (well Chad too, but mostly for Marlena and baby), won't know til Sept 6th if it's a boy or girl, but that's the way Chad and Marlena want it, so I can deal with that, we're all placing bets on what it is, but I have an idea, jut keeping it to myself ;)

Ravelympics start in 4 days, and oh I can't wait!!! Monkey Socks here I come :) I even found out where to get other colors of Claudia Handpainted yarn when I want some. Waiting for my Eat, Sleep, Knit order to come soon so I can start on a shawl. Won't make it for Valentine's day but that's okay. I ordered Malibrigo Merion Lace, in Littel Lovely. Can't wait to see it. Aly will end up being my swift next weekend when I'm not working on socks.

Also waiting for my Knit Pick's order to arrive. I ordered some sock blockers, regular blockers, some stitch markers and four sets of circular needles, it's my Valentine's Day from my mom and dad.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

baby knitting

Knitting for baby Durre is coming along, although the first baby blanket is getting frogged for the second time. I am going to try to knit it on smaller needles to see if that helps some. Decided to take a break from it, and start a crocheted baby sweater to see if I can do better on that, I know I need to buy some more yarn for some other things for the baby, so we'll see how this project goes, I have until September sometime :)