Sunday, October 10, 2010

R.I.P. Magnum...welcome Mishi

My beloved Shep/husky mix passed away on Wednesday. It was VERY sudden, my husband and I were in Madison for a surgery my husband had to have and when we came back Magnum was laying on the office floor dead. We drove to the humane society where we got him and asked about having him disposed of. That's when I saw a couple of dogs I could possibly adopt. The first one was Violet. She's a sweet dog but too much barking and would drive me nuts trying to sleep. Then there was her kennel mate Nena who is a long hair chiuhua. On Thursday we took Magnum's body to the humane society to be cremated, and looked at Nena one last time and I put an application in to adopt her. I got the call Friday that we could adopt Nena, which we did shortly after going to the bank getting money to get her and a few necessities for her. I changed her name to Mishi (to keep the M phase of dog names going)