Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cross stitching obsessed

I first learned to cross stitch in junior high or high school (to long ago to remember).   I gave it up because I didn't have time in college.   I wish I hadn't though.    

Anyway, let's jump to now...I have been watching Round the Twist with Carin pretty much since the beginning of the podcast.   She has been cross stitching these really cute patterns.   So a few people I follow on Instagram also cross stitch, yeah do you see where this is going?   I get emails w/ free patterns daily thanks to one of the followers.   Then I ordered 4 (yes 4) of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's patterns.
  +Autumn Sampler
  +Autum Harvest Festival sampler
  +A Very Merry Christmas Town
  +Story Time Classics sampler 

I am currently working on the autumn harvest festival sampler.   I think then I'll work on the Christmas one.

I have a lot of Christmas knitting to do too so I guess I'll see how much I can truly get done.