Friday, December 25, 2009

Holy knitting Christmas

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas, aside from the fact that my aunt who I love dearly got me a yarn I can't knit with, due to the fact of having a sensitivity to acrylic ANYTHING. She got me two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, an I taught myse3lf to knit kit, which is cool cause I have lost SEVERAL sitch markers. My mother and father in law sent me some wonderful knitting books and a check for me. I will be getting a LOT of use out of it. My parents got us another co

Monday, December 21, 2009

Socks, socks and MORE socks

I am still working on my first pair of monkeys, then my mom saw the pattern and said "Oh could you make me a pair?" so I said yes, then my daughter wanted a pair which means my oldest step daughter will want a pair. I am going to be swimming in socks I think. I'll have to see what my brother in law got me for Christmas before I go jumping into this project.

I have to frog my first Monkey due to teh fact that when I was knitting last night (I was technically knitting until 3 this morning) I dropped some stitches some how. Oops, but I got farther in the pattern than I thought I would have.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm done!!!!

My Christmas knitting is completely DONE!!! I started a pair of Monkey Socks for myself last night when I laid Scott's socks aside. I never thougth I'd get them done before Christmas but SO glad I did.

CHristmas baking has now taken over although only doing one batch of cookies a day unlike my grandmothers who did three or four a day. How I miss the days of getting together with them to bake. Today I baked Eggnog Cookies. They sounded interesting so I baked some.

Did some early Christmas shopping for myself!! I ordered some Malabrigo Lace yarn in Floral. I think I'm going to knit my mother in law a shawl for her birthday. She used to knit but she claims she wasn't any good and then her arthritis got to the point she couldn't do it anymore anyway, so this is something I am more than happy to do for her. If I like it I may have to get some for myself :) I don't knwo what pattern I am going to do it in though yet. We'll have to see. I do want to get some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn soon though, well after the holidays. I am thinking either Pink Granite or one of the other colors, I can't make up my mind right now and can't look at the site :(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updated Christmas knitting progress

I am SO close to being finished with christmas knitting, and I couldn't be happier.

Mom's Christmas present is DONE, and wrapped and packed to come with us for Christmas morning.

Scooter's Christmas present is also wrapped, it's been done for a while.

Scott's Christmas present, one sock MOSTLY done, I have to kitchner the first sock but i want to stick it on a couple spair DPNs so that I can start the second sock since there are only 9 days to get this sock done, which I should be able to do.

Other items on my needles a table runner for my mom's dinning room table. I am hoping to start a pair of socks soon for my best friend's birthday which is New Year's Eve.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Updated Christmas Knitting

Well one gift is done, three to go. Scott's socks are not even STARTED, I am waiting for my replacement credit card to come in the mail. I lost my wallet somehow!!!!

Scooter's hoodie sweater is done (will try to post pictures tomorrow if I can - don't have a good internet signal at my house so usually come to my parents to get online.

Magnum's sweater is half done. I have been waking up WAY too early, and since it's the only Christmas present that I have yarn for at the moment, it's the one I am working on. Hopefully I can get yarn tomorrow or Monday for Mom and Scott's gifts, otherwise they're both getting coffee for Christmas.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Knitting

Here's what's on the needles for Christmas presents:

1) Mom's Christmas present. Sleeves are STARTED need to get more yarn to finish

2) Dog hoodie sweater for my brother's dauschaund Scooter, was done with it but had to redo it, GRRR!!!

3) Dog hoodie sweater for my behemuth of a German Sheperd/Siberian Husky mix, enough dog hair but can't leave him out of the loop ;)

Still need to knit:

1) Scott's (brother's friend) gift. Started a pair of socks but I was told he will not wear wool GRR!!!

What am i working on right now? Scooter's present. Should be done by this evening, if I don't clean the house! Which i need to do to find our Christmas tree base so we can put up the tree and decorate!!!