Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas knitting

Christmas knitting is in high gear. It's another handmade gift year. Let's see: Aly - stuffed elephant (my daughter is obsessed with elephants) (done w/ the knittking need to put eyes on) Dad - dishcloths Scott - dishcloths Eric - dishcloths Bob & Jill - dishclths Leah - 198 yards of Heaven Mom - 198 yards of Heaven Jenny - Sedona sweater & pair of socks (I think) Will - sweater (done just needs to be blocked) Matthew - sweater (done just needs to be blocked) I will get Jenny's done soon I'm sure. The dishcloths are movie knitting & no big rush since I don't have to mail them out. I think along with the dishcloths I'll also make homemadde hot chocolate mix as well. I will also send a jar of that along with Jenny, Will & Matthew's sweaters & other gifts.