Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sweater KAL progress and a few other things

My sweater is really coming along. At last check I was at 9 inches for the body. I have 4 inches left to knit until I start the ribbing again. I am loving the color, not so sure about the 100% wool though. Not that I don't love wool, I'm just getting tired of it.

My Firaments Lace Shawl is in the edging stage, although ripping it out at the moment. I dropped a stitch somewhere and not sure where. So it's coming out only to be redone again, at somepoint, just not sure when. Probably when my sweater is done.

Okay back to my sweater, I can't believe how fast it is knitting up. I may have it done before a football game on Aug. 26th. I will probably be done with it, but we'll see.

Time to go get stuff knit up before knitting group.

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