Monday, December 26, 2011

It's a Stargate & Knitting Marathon

I got some yarn yesterday for Christmas, but knew it ahead of time because I filled out the KnitPicks order form for my mom so she could get it for me for Christmas.   I got 5 skeins of Palette in Silver.   I need to get two more balls of it for a Little Mermaid Shawl.  Today I'm watching ALL Stargate series and movies.  Well when I'm not out and about with my mom and daughter getting seed beads for my shawl as well as some size 6 dpns.  

Right now on the needles:

Daughter's Sedona sweater (almost complete - at the bottom ribbing, what's left - sleeves)

On Deck:

Mom's Sedona (had her pick out her color yarn of two choices - nice daughter aren't I)

Sedona for Jen (sent her a picture of five or six colors of Deluxe worsted by Universal yarn and had her tell me what color(s) she liked.  She asked what it was for and told her a sweater, but neglected to tell her it was a sweater for her)

I am watching Stargate Continum right now, then I think I'll watch SG-1 (probably should have started with that first and then watched the movie, but oh well) then Atlantis, and then finally Stargate Universe.

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