Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finally finishing objects!

I've finished two tote bags, YAY! One of them was for my mother-in-law, so that's on it's way to her right now. I am not sure what to knit next, I have so many projects started it's not funny. I may finish Aly's sweater, for next fall, it's orange, and BRIGHT orange mind you.I have hte back done, and almost one sleeve, I just got so bored with it that I stopped working on it. I also started a wash cloth for my great niece. That I'll work on later this week I'm sure.

While sitting here typing, I decided I should work on Aly's sweater, so that's what I'm doing while waiting for the EX to get back to the office so that we can talk. We are still friends, which sometimes shocks me, but oh well, he said we need to talk. He knows it always freaks me out when he says that, that's what ended our whole good thing. He fell in love with a slut, but that's his problem not mine. Although that was a year ago and now they aren't together. Oh well once again, not my doing, so don't care. I just hate it when he tells me we need to talk.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

TOO many UFOs

I have a sock to finish, a baby blanket to finish, a sweater to finish, and a bookmark to finish. I am working on the baby blanket and sock. After I finish those, I can work on the sweater, which isn't that hard, but it's just TEDIOUS! Then I'll work on the bookmark, and then start another pair of socks.