Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas knitting wrap up

I had every intention of getting Aly's wristwarmers done for Christmas but with my new schedule at work (I went from three days every week to 4 days one week and five the next - considered full time) I have NO time, and the days I have off are spent trying to get divorce papers filled out and off to my dad to go over (love how he went from a divorce lawyer to soon to be retired teacher in my life), I haven't had time. And not to mention still trying to train the dog to go potty OUTSIDE, not in the house.

Jen's Christmas gift is blocking on the guest room bed, Aly's cowl is done and in a box under the tree at my parents. Not sure where her sweater went that's for her birthday (I am thinking it grew legs and just walked out the door - meaning my husband accidentally threw it away). Wristwarmers are now a birthday present.

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