Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shawls shawls and more shawls

I was going to knit a shawl for my friend Marlena, but time is running out on me to get Shawn's baby blanket to her and THAT still needs ends weaved in before he gets here, oops.

I knit a shawl for my mom back in July but it snapped when I went to block it so it went in teh garbage! I started a new one out of Shibui Knits Sock yarn, OMG, I want this one for myself!!!! I was on the phone wiht my best guy friend, Terry, that i'd have to make myself one for when he came to visit me next month. Here's the deal with Terry and I, we were child hood sweethearts, never really broke up after I ended up transfering schools TWICE. Thanks to a mutual friend finding me on facebook I noticed mutual friend and Terry were friends, so I started emailing with Terry on facebook. So then we were both on facebook one day in April and we exchanged cell #'s. We haven't stopped talking since. He's a great friend who I can't wait to see again. I was able to see him in June when he came back to the Midwest from Va for a family reunion. He will be back in the midwest in Sept/Oct for his 20th high school reunion and then a cousins wedding. He's squeezing in time to see me again. lucky me!

Back to Mom's shawl, it's almost done. I am in the middle of binding off and then when I get home it will be blocked. then I will go through my patterns and figure out which one I want to do for myself. I have an idea of which one I want to do for myself.

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