Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh holy shawls!!!

My mom FINALLY got her shawl last month, and she loves it. I started a burgandy Firament's Shawl (Valley Yarns pattern), but somehow screwed it up pretty badly so started over with a black one and am REALLY liking this pattern. I am not quite through the first repeat of Chart B, but so far so good, not a holy mess like the last one, although it's a lot of lace it's SO pretty. I won't have it done by the time I see Terry next Wed, but that's okay.I am trying to take my time with it so I don't mess it up. This is more adventurous of me than I've ever been. I've knit one other thing in the round and that was it and it's never going to be completed because the yarn I used was discontinued :(

I have to redo Shawn's blanket cause I lost it, not sure exactly how that happened though, but oh well.

Off to a training class for now, love my job and glad this is teh last week of training.

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