Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Knitting

Here's what's on the needles for Christmas presents:

1) Mom's Christmas present. Sleeves are STARTED need to get more yarn to finish

2) Dog hoodie sweater for my brother's dauschaund Scooter, was done with it but had to redo it, GRRR!!!

3) Dog hoodie sweater for my behemuth of a German Sheperd/Siberian Husky mix, enough dog hair but can't leave him out of the loop ;)

Still need to knit:

1) Scott's (brother's friend) gift. Started a pair of socks but I was told he will not wear wool GRR!!!

What am i working on right now? Scooter's present. Should be done by this evening, if I don't clean the house! Which i need to do to find our Christmas tree base so we can put up the tree and decorate!!!

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