Thursday, April 27, 2006

Knitting up a storm

Well Heather is going to get a different baby blanket tahn I thought. Only because I can't find the Lu Lu yarn I need. Stupid Walmart. Mom picked out Red Hearts Baby Clouds in Tutti Frutti, it's okay, but it reminds me of Homespun yarn, which I totally dispise, but so far it's working okay.

The mint and white baby blanket is going okay. I need to finish writing out the pattern, have been doing the written version of the chart, cause I hate reading charts. I have about two and a half blocks done so far, but I can't find the first block so techincally only one and a half blocks done. After I finish this second block I'll sew the first one (it was a solid white block) to the one I finish tonight. Hopefully I'll get the baby blanket knocked out within a week or so, ha. It took me more than what I thougth it would take to get Roger's blanket done, whoops. We'll see. I'll try to post pics when I get ti more completed.

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