Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blankets, blankets and more blankets

Well I'm working on the baby blanket for Heather. I've gotten two squares done, with who knows how many more to do. it's in mint green and white. I did a sweater for her baby (due on Roger's birthday) in Mint Green so that they match.

Ed was down for Easter and he saw the blanket I did for Roger. He wants one now. I am going to Walmart on Saturday to see if I can find some brown Softee Chunky yarn. If not we'll see what I can manage. Maybe a green or something. Who knows.

I have another baby blanket to finish, but need yarn for that one too, but it's almost done. I have three squares to do and then sew it together.

I will be glad when blanket making is over. Although It won't be done for a while because I have to do the sampler afghan for myself. I am thinking that I'll do it in natural Softee Chunky. But we'll see. I need to get more stitch markers, mine seem to have disappeared.

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