Friday, December 04, 2015

Going to a gluten free lifestyle

I have been having more "foggy head" moments in the past six months than I care to remember which led me to talking  with one of my best friends from high school (not as close now & to be honest that's ok).   I was talking to her about my forgetting stuff & she suggested that i get my thyroid levels checked.   So last Friday that's exactly what I did.  I had labs drawn that morning and most of my labs were back the next afternooon (some were back way before than).   No thyroid issues but i do have mild eczema and a vitamin D deficiency.    Both being treated.   So what's up with my blog title?   Wheat is a trigger food for eczema flare ups.    I met with a nutritionist yesterday and the meeting was wonderful.   I got some help for me & a little help for my daughter (she thinks she doesn't need breakfast).  When I was in that meeting I mentioned my eczema diagnosis to her & what set off that morning's flare up.   She suggested I go gluten free due to a possible gluten intolerance.   Great not only can I not have regular dairy bye bye every cake i love from the bakery :(.

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