Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ooh, more Christmas gifts coming, how could I get so lucky???

My parents went to MN yesterday for the weekend so my husband and I are dog/cat/house sitting until tomorrow. I called them a little while ago to make sure they made it safe, so my daughter called me back asking what I wanted, when she exclaimed "we got you some sock yarn", oh I am extremely excited to see this new yarn. I was also told they tried to find a swift but couldn't. I did ask my mom to find me some size 1 and size 2 needles. I will try to post pictures when I get my new yarn tommorow.

I am thinking of getting some other sock yarn after tommorow as well. It's a toss up between some more Claudia Hand Painted or some Shibui Knits sock yarn. I am at ZERO miles for the 2010 Yarnathon so need to change that :)

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