Sunday, August 06, 2006

the end of the blankets

The end of knitting blankets is in site. I have one almost done, just need to get more yarn for it, except they don't have hte right color, ugh. So maybe on Thurs after work I'll talk to mom and see if she'll let Jeremy and I borrow the car to go to Walmart and I'll get a different shade of yarn and the correct amount of skeins to get it finished. Then theres' my brother's afghan. I am doing a sampler of stitches for his. I have January, February done, and one for June done. I have to finish March, April, May, and July. I take my knitting to the hospital when we go to see Grandma, so that it gets done faster. Elizabeth's only needs one more skein of Red Heart Baby Clouds in Tutti Frutti to finsih it. I think I have enough to finish Ed's afghan, so we'll see.

On the other front, Jeremy's coming on Thursday. I can't wait. Although I am still waiting for the ohter shoe to drop. He said that he was snooping in his mom's date book and Leslie's name is written from the 17th thru the 27th. I am betting that Leslie conned her way out to visit. I don't need to have my heart broken again, it's not worth dating if it is.

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